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Sports Day 2019

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Dear Parent/Carer

Sports Day – Thursday 20th June 2019

I am delighted to inform you that our Sports Day will be held at the K2 Leisure Centre on Thursday 20th June from 8.10am – 2.40pm.

We would ask that your son/daughter make their own way to K2 Leisure Centre, arriving at the time below in accordance to their year group, instead of coming to school that day.  Please note that parking is limited at K2, so if you intend to drop off/pick up by car there could be some congestion; please be patient and allow sufficient time.

During the day, students will be required to stay in the Arena, participating and supporting their Learning Community.  First Aid, toilet facilities and the Tuck Shop are all within the Arena, so please support us by reinforcing to your son/daughter that they are not permitted to be in any other area of the K2 facility, particularly in the main foyer.

In order that students do not arrive all together, and can be registered accurately, we would propose that students arrive at the following times in accordance to their year group.

 Year 7:           8.10am

Year 8:           8:20am

Year 9:           8.30am

Year 10:         8:40am

If your son/daughter usually receives a free school meal, then a packed lunch will be available for collection at lunch time within the Arena.  These lunches must be pre-ordered, so students need to collect an order form from Reception, and return it to Reception by the end of day on Tuesday 18th June 2019.

Students will need the following with them on the day:-

  • Full PE kit for all students, whether competing or not.
  • A packed lunch and plenty of fluids for the day.
  • A sunhat and sun cream (or waterproofs, weather dependant).
  • A little spending money if you wish your child to use the tuck shop provided. Water will be freely available.

Students and parents must use the side entrance of the track and not go through the main building.


You are most welcome to come along for all, or part of the day.  Your son/daughter will be given a programme with the approximate event timings nearer the day.  Please be aware that these are only approximate times, and that events could run a little ahead or behind schedule; we would advise you to arrive with plenty of time to spare to avoid the disappointment of missing your son/daughter’s event.  There will be a viewing space assigned for you, but I would ask that your son/daughter sit with their Learning Community during the events to allow us to easily call them for races or events, and also so they can cheer on their Learning Community.

Sports Day 2019 Schedule of Events


8:50am – Opening ceremony followed by competitor warm up and staff checking of equipment for jobs.

Time Event Time Event
9:00am 7G 200m 11:50am 7B 800m
9:05am 7B 200m 11.55am 8G 800m
9:10am 8G 200m 12.00pm 8B 800m
9:15am 8B 200m 12:05pm 9B 800m
9:20am 9G 200m 12:10pm 9G and 10G 800m
9:25am 9B 200m 12:15pm 10B 800m
9:30am 10G 200m 12.30pm LUNCH
9:35am 10B 200m
9:40am 7B 1500m
9:50am 8B1500m 1:00pm 7G 4 x 100m relay
10:00am 9B 1500m 1:10pm 7B 4 x 100m relay
10:10am 10B 1500m 1:20pm 8G 4 x 100m relay
10:20am 7G 1500m 1:30pm 8B 4 x 100m relay
10:30am 8, 9 & 10G 1500m 1:40pm 9G 4 x 100m relay
10.40am 8B 300m 1:50pm  9B 4 x 100m relay
10.45am 9B 300m 2:00pm 10G 4 x 100m relay
10.50am 9G 300m  
10.55am 10B 300m 2:10pm 10B 4 x 100m relay
11:00am 10G 300m 2:15pm Staff relay
11:05am 7G 100m 2:25pm Rubbish
11:10am 7B 100m 2:30pm Presentations / Thanks
11:15am 8G 100m 2:40pm Dismiss
11:20am 8B 100m
11:25am 9G 100m
11:30am 9B 100m
11:35am 10G 100m
11:40am 10B 100m
11:45am 7G 800m
Time Triple Jump Long Jump High Jump Discus Javelin Shot Put
9:00am 7G 8B 8G 9B 9G
9:35am 10B 10G 7B 7G 8B 8G
10:10am 9B 9G 10B 10G 7B 7G
10:45am 8B 8G 9B 9G 10B 10G
11:20am 10G 7B 8G 8B 9G 9B
12:40pm 9G 10B 7G 7B 8G 8B
1:15pm 9B 10G 10B 7G 7B
1:50pm 8B 9G 9B 10G 10B


Best of luck to all of the competitors and Learning Communities in our 15th Sports Day!


Mr R Ashley

Subject Leader – Physical Education

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